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Whalem is an old tiger shark who used to serve under Finnivus and his father, Romulus. When Finnivus gained control, he made Whalem do many things he did not want to do. In The Battle of Riptide, Whalem dishonored himself and came to the aid of Gray and Lochlan. Thanks to his smarts in battle tactics, they defeated the Squaline.

Species: Tiger shark

Gender: Male

Status: Dead

Fate: Killed by urchins

The Battle of RiptideEdit

Whalem was advisor and mariner prime of Indi Shiver. Whalem didn't hate Finnivus, but became more and more unwilling to obey his command. When Whalem spoke out of turn against Finnivus, he was imprisoned. Barkley snuck in and helped Whalem escape to the Riptide home waters. When there, Whalem betrayed Finnivus and revealed all of Indi's battle plans to Gray who then won against Finnivus, thanks to Whalem.

Into the AbyssEdit

Whalem now became a valuable weapon for Gray and Lochlan as he knew all of Indi's tricks and plans. During a patrol of his, he was captured by an Indi scout and taken to Finnivus. Finnivus mocked him - but pitied him and said he would not eat him - just take off parts of his body and make him suffer. Whalem revealed his hate towards Finnivus and spat at him. The urchins began to cut off his fin and the acid made him die.