The Seazarien is, in a way, the emperor or empress of the whole entire Big Blue. Creatures called fin'jaa are their personal guardians, protecting them with their life. Seazarien live in Fathomir, where they sit on a throne with a hole for their tail. Seazarien, whenever traveling around, always have a group of fin'jaa protecting them with their life. The same can be said with Aquasidors, who are the "messengers" of Seazarien. Quickfins are their main messengers, bringing news from other shivers. In the Shark Wars series, there have only been two main Seazarien that are known of. The first is Kaleth, fifth in the Line of Fifth Shiver, who got killed in Kingdom of the Deep by Hokuu. The second is Gray, leader of Riptide Shiver. Most Seazarien are adressed by their full and proper name, such as Gray(Graynoldus), with an 'Emprex' after it. For example, Graynoldus Emprex