The Battle of Riptide is the second book in the Shark Wars series. Gray is on the cover, Barkley at his flank, sharks around them. 


Ever since Gray, Barkley, and their friends defeated Goblin,an infamous great white, at Tuna Run, life in the Big Blue has become murkier than ever for this young shiver of sharks. Food is scarce. Enemies lurk in every shadow. And Gray still doesn't know what has become of his family - of his mother, Sandy, and the rest of his Coral Reef shiver.

Everywhere they swim, currents seem to whisper of a growing threat . . . of a shark who will stop at nothing until he has seized control of the entire ocean.

Now Gray must train with Takiza Jaelynn Betta vam Delacrest Waveland ka Boom Boom, a wise and mysterious fighting fish who has promised to teach his young apprentice the ways of the ocean and the secret of what it means to be a great warrior. That is, if Gray can learn to believe in himself, find the courage to trust his heart, and grow big enough to fight back!


Takiza was training Gray to face a new threat - an ancient shiver called Indi had crowned a new leader named Finnivus, a young tiger shark whom ferociously fought and ate his victims. Barkley, who was sneaking about, found Coral Shiver hiding in a maze of rock formations. Gray was reunited with his Mother Sandy who told him the truth about where he came from. Meanwhile, news emerged that Velenka has murdered Goblin and joined forces with the Indi Shiver.

Rogue Shiver and Coral soon merged together and planned how to deal with the Armada that Indi was sending. Gray prepared with Takiza, who took him out into the pacific sea where he met Auzy Auzy Shiver, the leader of which, called Lochlan, was once one of Takiza's students. Gray and Lochland lead Auzy Auzy Shiver to the Coral waters to prepare for

the battle. Barkley discovered the looming Armada and the battle took place in the Goblin Shiver homewaters. Gray journeyed down into the maw to seek out a rare peice of seaweed that gave him extra energy to fight. Together, Gray, Lochlan and Coral and Auzy Auzy shivers crushed the Armadas and sent Finnivus and his surviving allies back to their homewaters. Since Goblin Shiver had been devoured by Finnivus, the homewaters were renamed Riptide and the merged Shivers settled there for the time being.