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Picture of Takiza from the inside cover of "shark wars: Battle of Riptide"


Takiza Jaelynn Betta vam Delacrest Waveland ka Boom Boom was a legendary Siamese fighting fish who possesses a mysterious power called Shark-Kata and is known to train the best warriors of the oceans.

Species: Siamese fighting fish (betta)

Gender: Male

Status: Deceased

Fate: Playing a deadly game of cat and mouse in the Sparkle Blue against Hokuu

Shark Wars Edit

Takiza was only mentioned as a fictional legend until Gray and Thrash inadvertently met him. Thrash was trying to eat a Moma turtle, but Takiza appeared and defended the turtle. Takiza then started fighting Thrash and teasing him of how weak he is against Takiza. Before the conflict was over with, Takiza spun thrash around and ended up knocking Thrash out. Takiza quickly disappeared into the seaweed. He observed Gray over the next few months until proposing to train Gray to fight.

Takiza then saved Rogue Shiver from Goblin and Razor Shiver's attack at the Tuna Run by making a swirling bubble that tossed all the combined mights of the powerful shivers. Takiza then became Gray's mentor.

The Battle of RiptideEdit

Takiza took Gray to a rocky trench where an obstacle course of rock formations lay. It was here that he began to train Gray to be agile, quick, and observant. When Takiza learnt of the impending battle with Finnivus and his armada, Takiza took Gray to meet Lochlan - one of Takiza's previous students. After this meeting, it was decided that Lochlan would join Gray in combat. Takiza sent Gray down into the Maw (Abyss) to get a type of seaweed that produces the same effect as steroids - giving the sharks the needed energy to beat the Armada. Takiza was pleased with both of them when the battle was won.

Into the AbyssEdit