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Species: Great White Shark

Gender: Male

Status: Alive

Striiker is a male great white shark that is in  Rogue shiver. He was leader at first but then gave his position to Gray after he thought Gray was a better leader than him. The two began to have respect for each other rather than bicker further on into the series.

Shark WarsEdit

Striiker was the leader of Rogue shiver when they encountered Gray and Barkley. His past is relatively unknown. He became close friends with Gray, but sometimes wished he was dominant. He performed well when they joined Goblin Shiver in the trials that Goblin put them through but no-one took much interest in him. When Gray decided to stay in Goblin Shiver, Striiker assumed role as leader of Rogue Shiver until Gray returned and revealed to them he was a Megalodon.

The Battle of RiptideEdit

Striiker was part of the army against Indi Shiver and warmed well to the sharks of Coral shiver when Coral and Rogue merged. Striiker accompanied Barkley on scouting missions but wasn't as sneaky as him. Striiker helped defeat Finnivus in the Alliance with AuzyAuzy.

Into the AbyssEdit

Gray put Striiker in charge of training sharks when Lochlan was killed. Barkley occasionally got annoyed by Striiker's military like personality when he was training sharks. Striiker was part of the Diamondhead formation of sharks that fought well and helped kill Finnivus.