An underwater cavern, like one that Slaggernacks is described as being in.

Slaggernacks is a restaurant for under water dwellers run by Gafin. They serve fish that sharks could hunt but season and spice them to make them worth coming to pay for. Sharks pay by catching food for the Chefs to use and eat themselves. It is in an underwater cavern and the ceiling is covered in glowing plankton. Trank is the main waiter as well as a few of Gafin's henchmen.


Slaggernacks is famous for it's slightly peculiar but exciting dishes. Haddock is one of their specialities, and their imfamous Lava sauce Lava sauce is raved about throughout the ocean.


They often have entertainment in the forms of bands. The most popular is the dolphin and orca singers who performed after Finnivus was defeated. There is also a band made of sea creatures who perform most nights.