Shell, a bull shark that was a member of Rogue Shiver, is known for being anxious and quiet. As Gray's fourth-in-Line, Shell was killed when a group of Fin'jaa attacked Rogue Shiver and he had sacrificed himself to save Lochlan. He also used to be a member of Razor Shiver, but little is known about his past with them.


Shell, the anxious bull shark of Rogue Shiver.

Species - Shell is a bull shark.

Gender - Shell is male.

Current Status - Deceased, as of Into the Abyss.

Cause of Death - Killed by a group of Fin'jaa while sacrificing himself to save Lochlan.

Shark WarsEdit

At some unknown point in the book, Shell joined Mari, Striiker and Snork and swam with them into the open ocean. He met Gray and Barkley and they all became Rogue Shiver. Rogue later joined Goblin for a while before splitting into Rogue again. Shell was captured by Velenka along with Mari, Snork, and Barkley.

The Battle of RiptideEdit

Shell, along with the rest of Rogue Shiver, merged into Coral Shiver and became acquainted with the sharks there. Shell was still quiet, but still managed to survive in the battle against Indi Shiver.

Bull sh

A bull shark

Into the AbyssEdit

Shell kept to himself as preparations were made for the oncoming battle with the Black Wave. When the Fin'jaa attacked, Shell fought them - killing a few before diving in front of Lochlan to save him from a vicious attacker. Shell was immediately killed. This had an effect on all of the shiver and had a strong effect on Lochlan.