Rogue Shiver was a rough and ready shiver that consisted of a number of sharks. Rogue Shiver later merged with another group (or shiver) of sharks and became Riptide Shiver, but then split once more.

Rogue Shiver

A number of sharks from Rogue Shiver.

Members (Sharks)Edit

Leader - Gray

Former Leader - Striiker

- Snork

- Shell (Deceased)

- Mari (Deceased)

- Barkley


Rogue Shiver formed when Striiker, Snork, Shell, and Mari encountered Gray and Barkley. They all merged to create Rogue Shiver. They found Homewaters in a wreck of a boat on the ocean floor surounded by seaweed and a good view up to the open water. They resided here for a few weeks and soon spotted Goblin patrols. They were eventually spotted and captured and taken to Goblin who let them join Goblin Shiver. They found it good for a short time until Goblin began separating Gray from the rest of them. Gray stayed in Goblin Shiver but Mari, Striiker, Shell, Snork and Barkley escaped back to their homewater ship wreck. Striiker became short term leader until Gray returned weeks later and revealed he was a megalodon. Gray became leader until they found Coral shiver living in a hidden trench and Rogue Shiver merged with Coral.