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Goblin - the late Leader of Riptide.

The once powerful shiver was named this before it became under the control of Goblin. Goblin named it after himself, and for a while it became scattered and disorganized. After Goblin's murder, all of the local shiver joined to make the new Riptide shiver.

Early Riptide ShiverEdit

Before Goblin, Riptide shiver was a respected and popular shiver. It was home to many great warriors. Years later, a shark called Goblin named it after himself and the shiver became a place of filth.

Goblin ShiverEdit

Goblin ruled the Shiver for years and maintained a fued with nearby Razor Shiver. The Shiver became ruthless under the control of Goblin and the sharks destroyed several other shivers in a quest for larger homewaters. Goblin was eventually murdered by Velenka who had always wanted power - but soon Indi Shiver destroyed Goblin Shiver and took Velenka as prisoner.


Whilst Indi Shiver was at large, several smaller shivers joined forced to form a reborn Riptide Shiver that was lead by Lochlan and Gray who beat Indi Shiver and remained strong.