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Razor is a bull shark who leads his own shiver, known as Razor Shiver. It is comprised of bull sharks, only. His shiver had a big rivalry with Goblin Shiver, until Goblin was murdered by Velenka, and Razor's own shiver got destroyed by Indi Shiver.

Shark WarsEdit

Razor seems to be the main villain of the First book until Goblin's plot is revealed. Razor is actually a secondary antagonist as Goblin is the main villain. Razor is fighting against Goblin's mariners and only survives because his mariners number more. However, Kilo betrayed Razor and joined Goblin. Gray spent most of his time training to fight Razor. At the Tuna Run, Goblin planned to destroy Razor but Gray and his friends distracted Goblin and Velenka and Razor disappeared with the current.

Battle of RiptideEdit

Gray had been hiding from Razor Shiver until he saw the massive armada of Finnivus lined up to fight Razor. After the Herald told Razor that he must surrender, Razor roared and bit the shark. That started the battle. Unfortunately for Razor, his mariners were destroyed and he was sent to the Sparkle Blue by two mariners who took his Dorsal and Right fin, just like that.