Prince Lochlan Boola Naka Fiji, better known as King Lochlan, or simply Lochlan, was leader of AuzyAuzy Shiver and was a large, powerful great white shark. He is known to be a great leader when fighting in battles, and was very smart and knowledgeable in battle tactics. He is also a good fighter and a warrior and is even a match to Gray. He was a great fighter because, like Gray, he was trained by Takiza. He was also fast friends with Gray. He sacrificed himself in Into the Abyss to an armada of battle pups.


Lochlan was a kind and helpful shark, though he was nearly blinded with anger after the attack on AuzyAuzy Shiver, which resulted in his father's death, the loss of their homewaters, and the split of the AuzyAuzy Shiver. His wit and swiftness, along with his combat prowess, makes him a very dangerous foe in combat, though he uses these traits for the greater good. He is also very tactical, often making the most efficient decisions while trying to keep casualties to a minimum.


King Lochlan

The Battle of RiptideEdit

Lochlan first appears in The Battle of Riptide after his shiver was nearly wiped out by Indi Shiver. His shiver was spread thin, with his second and fourth command somewhere else, commanding the other AuzyAuzy forces. He, Kendra, Xander and Jaunt swore revenge on Finnivus. Lochlan was also trained by Takiza, so he was also a fellow student of Gray. Takiza, while training Gray, used Lochlan as a good example. It turned out that Lochlan was also one of Takiza's worst students, and was only compared with Gray at the end of his training. He later took part in the Battle of Riptide and won with the help of Whalem.

Into the AbyssEdit

Lochlan was the leader of the alliance between AuzyAuzy, Coral and Rogue Shiver and was in charge of recruiting new shivers into the alliance against Indi. but a Fin'jaa attack, ordered by Finnivus, severly wounded Lochlan. He only lived because of Shell, who swam out in front of Lochlan and sadly was killed. Lochlan became weaker and appointed Gray as leader. He told Gray he would swim at the back of the diamondhead in the battle - but instead created a diversion by taunting pups who became angry and lost formation to attack Lochlan. Lochlan was ripped apart by the pups and sadly died.