Kingdom of the Deep is the fourth book in the Shark Wars series. Gray and Barkley are on the cover, heading deeper into the kingdom.

Summary Edit

The prologue begins with Graynoldus and Gray trying to escape from the underseas. The passage to the Big Blue is closing, so Graynoldus pushes Gray in, but in the process Graynoldus sacrifices his own life. In the present day, Seazarein Kaleth asks Gray if he could be her Aquasidor, to stop any disputes or wars between shivers so that everybody can focus on defeating Hokuu and stopping him from releasing the prehistores into the Big Blue. Gray agrees, and he soon gets his first mission as an Aquasidor: to stop the dispute between Icingholme Shiver and Hideg Shiver. However much Gray tries, he fails to do this.

Meanwhile, Velenka is in her prison. The frilled shark, Hokuu, comes to her and says that he will break her out later, but does not give the reason why. Mari goes to visit her, but later leaves. Not too long after, Hokuu causes a distraction and breaks Velenka out of her prison. Hokuu and Velenka reach Riptide Shiver, where Hokuu sends out a destructive blast that scatters the shiver and then leaves. Only a few sharks manage to survive, whilst the others died-with their bodies charred from the blast.

Sledge goes to deliver the news to Gray as he is coming back from solving a dispute against AuzyAuzy Shiver and Hammer Shiver, and Gray is shocked. Sledge tells him that Sandy, Riprap, Ebbie, and everybody else he cared about survived, but sadly, Quickeyes, the former leader of Coral Shiver, died. Barkley goes to check out the damage, and they decide to move to Fathomir, where the Seazarien resides. 

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