Into the Abyss is the third book in the Shark Wars series. Gray and Barkley are on the cover, heading deeper into The Maw


Gray and Lochlan kept trying to convince Vortex and other shivers to join their Alliance against Finnivus. Meanwhile, Finnivus had retreated to his homewaters where he plotted the next attack on Gray and his friends. Somehow, he convinced the Seazarien to send a deadly Fin'jaa attack.

Gray was having dinner with Mari when the Fin'jaa attacked. Gray dispatched a few and then swam back to Riptide homewaters where they found that Lochlan was injured and Shell had died. Due to his injuries, Lochlan would not be able to lead a defensive attack on Indi so passed the responsibilities to Gray.

Gray continued training with Takiza near the Maw. He tried to swim down into it to get some more muscle enhancinsssssssssssssssssssss

g greenie, but his body couldn't cope with the pressure of the deep water and he had to be saved by the scary looking, but kindhearted Maw creatures.

Gray appointed Barkley to train a group of fighting sharks to be as stealthy as himself and they became the patrol sharks who spotted the oncoming Armada. They were nicknamed the Ghostfins.

Groups of sharks from Indi and other shivers who were against Finnivus joined the Alliance before the Armada attacked - but it turned out to be an mini armada made of violent pup sharks. The Alliance lost valuable time deciding wether they should attack the pups. In the confusion, Lochlan swam into the crowds and distracted the pups who ripped him him apart. The Pup armada was destroyed but many were lost from the Riptide side aswell.

Whalem was captured by an Indi patrol and taken to Finnivus, who killed Whalem and ate him. Velenka poisoned his food but was discovered, and Finnivus told her to prove her loyalty to him by heading the final armada attack.

Gray swam to the northern waters of the Orcas and tried to recruit them, but they declined.

Gray sent his troops to above he Maw and the Ghostfins hid in the Maw. Finnivus found them and lead the attack himself. In the middle of the battle, the Ghostfins attacked and the Orcas appeared, lead by Tik-Tun. The Armada lost formation and Gray attacked Finnivus. After a long battle, Finnivus grew tired and Gray ripped his tail off. Finnivus sunk into the Maw and was devoured by the Maw dwellers.

Indi shiver surrendered and Gray found Velenka, and put her in jail. Takiza then told Gray to follow him. They meet the Seazarien who asked Gray to join her.