Hideg ShiverEdit

Hideg shiver is led by Palink, a friendly, sly and quick witted blue shark. Gray meets him when asked to settle a territory dispute by Kaleth. The blue shark gets to the meeting place early and quickly trys to befriend Gray and Barkley, trying to gain the upper hand in who would get more territory. Barkley recognises this and asks Palink to wait for the competing shiver, Icingholme, so the chances of getting more land would be fair. Later, each shiver is unhappy with Gray's plan, especially Hideg. Gray and Barkely then swim to Fathomir to come up with a solution. When Gray and Barkley return Icingholme shiver and Hideg shiver are about to have an all out war. Gray stops them and then finally he and Barkely come up with a system that both shivers love, causing Palink to be friends with Tik-tun the leader of Icingholme shiver, Gray and Barkely.


Hideg shiver is situated in the Arktic(Arctic), close to Icingholme shiver which is led by Tik-tun, a friend of Gray and Barkley that fought against Finnivus and the Indi armada. The Arktic Ocean, also known as the Arctic Ocean is a freezing place that most sharks can't stand. Icebergs float in the water and many mammals, including orcas, dolphins and seals live there.

Battle SkillsEdit

Hideg shiver has a tough battle force, made up of fast, wily and agile sharks. He also has skilled guards. Most invading shivers would be at a disadvantage because Hideg shiver would be used to the cold, unlike its enemies.


Palink is a blue shark that has many skills. He is very cheerful and even when he is not, he can fake it, thus luring enemy sharks and sharks more powerful than him into thinking he is their best friend. He's very nice when around his real friends too, making alliances with other sharks such as Gray. He is also a good fighter with sharp teeth and a fast swimmer. Along with being smart he has a habit of saying "Hallo" instead of the usual greetings.


Hideg shiver has nearly been in war with Icingholme shiver and they aided Gray and Barkley in the battle of Fathomir, loosing many lives in the process like almost all the other shivers. This shows that Gray and Barkley can count on Palink to send sharks into battle if a quickfin gets to the Arktik and asks him to do so. 


Hideg shiver is a kind shiver that's also good in battle. It's in the Arctic Ocean and is close by Icingholme and Glacier shivers. This shiver is quick to help and is led by the blue shark Palink.