Great Whites(Carcharodon carcharias) are a species of shark that can reach up to large sizes. Some individuals reach up to twenty feet long, although scientists say they can reach thirty six feet long. In Shark Wars, there are many great whites, the evil ones usually acting as leaders or elite soldiers. Some famous great whites include Lochlan, Striiker , and Goblin.

Real World FactsEdit

The Great White has been known as one of the most feared carnivores on the planet but in reality, they are quite smart and rarely attack humans. More humans die from pigs than great whites every year. These sharks can grow up twenty six feet. However, on average, they are around fifteen to twenty. Great Whites have also been known to act irregularly, they have been known to travel from Japan to Hawaii, making them able to swim the longest distance out of all sharks. Although scientists believe this may involve in the white sharks trying to find a mate, they do not know for sure. Great Whites have been known to not do so good in captivity, whether it's running into walls or not eating. The record time of a Great White surviving in captivity is 128 days.

Characters from Shark WarsEdit

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Prince Lochlan Photo taken from


Lochlan is the son of the king of the Auzy Auzy shiver, when his father died he was placed in charge. He is a great warrior and knows much of battle even at his age. He is also a wise leader, knowing that with respect to your inferiors respect comes back. To learn more, press the link.


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Goblin with some of his line Image taken from Shark wars. com

Goblin was the leader of the Goblin Shiver and was a strong, fierce, and merciless leader. He was known to rule by fear rather than kindness. Although he may be tough, he is reckless and dim witted, which came to his end...

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