Gray is the main protagonist and hero of the Shark Wars series. His adopted mother, Sandy, found him alone in the area and took him in as her own son back to Coral Shiver. Gray was notoriously known around his homewaters as a shark who was always hungry, and this endless hunger had caused him to break shiver rules by hunting out in the areas he wasn't permitted to. He was later banished from his homewaters by Atlas and Prime Minister Shocks for breaking the rules and putting his shiver in danger. Journeying with Barkley - a dogfish, he met up with four other sharks named Shell, Mari, Striiker and Snork. They came together to form Rogue Shiver. He was later trained by Takiza, a Siamese Fighting Fish (betta) and Shar-kata master.


Gray was born at an unidentified date to his father, Graynoldus. He was fleeing his homewaters along with his father from the fierce frilled sharks when they were given the orders to eliminate both. Graynoldus, desperate to save his son from the frilled sharks, urged him to go without him. But at the same moment, the narrow passage to the Underwaters began closing in. Seeing no other choice, Graynoldus pushed his son on the other side. Moments later, the passage sealed killing Graynoldus and the frilled sharks chasing him in the process. He was found by a female Nurse Shark called Sandy in the volcanic area of the ocean where Gray's father had left him. As the pup grew up in Coral Shiver, he was brought up believing that he was a rare type of reef shark, despite the fact that his adopted mother, Sandy, already had her doubts about whether he really was a reef shark or not.
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Relations Edit

He has two younger adoptive siblings Riprap and Ebbie.

Jobs Edit

He becomes Seaziren Empex after Kaleth is killed by Hokku and other frilled sharks.