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Goblin with some of his line Image taken from Shark wars. com

Species: Great White

Gender: Male

Status: Dead

Fate: Killed by Velenka and Gafin's hit men

Goblin was a great white shark and was leader of Goblin Shiver. He was considered the main anatagonist for the 2001 film: Shark Wars. He was described to be large and strong but somewhat reckless and dimwitted but he still had good instigts.

In Shark WarsEdit

In the first book he was leader of the Goblin shiver and led his sharks with an iron fist. When Gray and the Rogue Shiver came along he invited them in his shiver. They did at first, but soon rebelled, except for Gray, who currently trusted the Goblin shiver. However, Gray soon uncovered Goblin's plot for ocean domination. At the Tuna Run, Takiza casted Goblin and his cronies before they could make their ambush on Razor shiver . Goblin swore revenge and then the rivalry between Razor (leader of the Razor Shiver) became even worse. Scattered battles between the two shivers followed.

In The Battle of RiptideEdit

In battle of Riptide, Goblin is seen as a secondary antagonist, with Finnivus taking the role of the lead villain. Goblin rejected Gray's invitation to take refuge from the Indi armada. Velenka took him as a fool and set up a deal with Gafin the sea urchin king (leader of the poisonous dwellers). The trap was set, and as Velenka talked with Goblin she lead him into where Gafin's hit men were hiding. Dwellers of all types stabbed and poisoned him, whilst Velenka took the last blow, and bit him in the gills. After Goblin had died, Velenka took control of the shiver and joined up with Finnivus.

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