Barkley is a Dogfish\Dog shark who grew up in Coral Shiver[1]. He is best friends with Gray even though he is much, much smaller than him.

He joined Rogue shiver along with Gray and is extremely good at sneaking around.


Species: Dogfish

Gender: Male

Status: Leader of Barkley's Ghostfins

Fate: Alive


Barkley lived with Gray and other dwellers in Coral Shiver before the events of the books. He was often bullied about his size but later his friend Gray put him in charge of finding the sneakiest Sharks and convincing the Indi pups. When he tried to train them they just teased him until he set a challenge for them, he won and gained respect.

Shark Wars

Gray and Barkley were kicked out from Coral Shiver when they ran into Thrash from Goblin Shiver, which ended up threatening the safety of the whole shiver and its homewaters.

They soon met Striiker, Snork, Shell, and Mari - four sharks who each left their own shivers for different reasons, and with whom they created Rogue Shiver. Goblin forced them to join his Shiver and prepare for battle against Razor Shiver. Barkley was picked on for his size but soon discovered his ability to stealthily sneak among seaweed.

After the Tuna Run, Barkley returned with the rest of Rogue shiver to their previous homewaters.


A Dogfish

The Battle of RiptideEdit

Barkley and Rogue Shiver merged with Coral Shiver where Barkley lived whilst Gray trained with Takiza for the impending battle with Finnivus. Barkley grew close to Snork with whom he trained to be stealthy on the sea bed. Barkley did not take part in the battle as he thought he was too small to suck another shark off. Into the Abyss
Shark wars

Gray an Barkley

Barkley saw very little of Gray as he and Lochlan tried to convince other Shivers to join the Army rising against Finnivus. Barkley was shocked and saddened when Shell was killed by a mysterious shark sent by Finnivus. Barkley wasn't close to Lochlan but when he was attacked and killed by Indi pups, Barkley seemed upset about his death as well.

Barkley remained with the mindset that he was too small to make a difference in the water, and was shocked when Gray put him second in command and asked for him to train several Mariners to be stealthy. Barkley felt the pressure when training the Mariners, and since none of them respected him, he hated it, but Gray was counting on him, and Barkley earned their respect when he used a drill in the seaweed maze to prove he was sneaky.

Barkley called his team "The Ghostfins". They were in charge of convincing pups who were fighting for Finnivus that he was evil and that they should join their alliance. They joined and fought the war in which Finnivus was killed and Indi surrendered.

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