An Armada is a group of battle Sharks. They tend to range from 100 - 1000 sharks who are trained fighters.


The Armada sharks have been trained from infancy in combat techniques and styles. When they are old and strong enough they will form an armada - a massive group of sharks who fight in formation together. Armada sharks always perform the same moves. They rarely all use different attacks - this only happens when the Armada is broken up. In "into the Abyss", Finnivus uses an Armada of pups which is an army comprised of young sharks. This was mainly used to emotionally effect Gray's armada as they would have to kill young sharks.

The Diamond HeadEdit

The Diamond head is a formation of a 3D diamond which has a leader at the tip commanding the whole Armada. This formation was used when Gray and his Armada faced Finnivus in the Riptide homewaters.